‘Reinventing Performance Management’ Mini-Series #1: Individualized, Nimble, and Real-Time Rule the Day.

Today’s workforce is largely constituted by a deluge of Millennial employees, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. With this increasing population rising to adulthood and professional status at present, employers are being forced to alter their performance management approaches and policies, as the more ‘old-fashioned’ ways just aren’t cutting it anymore in terms of ensuring employees are engaged, happy, and feel valued - key determiners to ensuring their longevity at your organization.

So, what is necessary to meet the current need? Three words dominate the conversation:

  1. Individualized.
  2. Nimble.
  3. Real-time.

In short, tailor all feedback and ideas to the specific employee, ensure your organization’s approach to human resources and performance management is adaptable, nimble, and responsive, and keep the focus on real-time, current feedback and information - not dwelling on ideas or comments from months or weeks before. Doing these things will make a huge impact on your employees - particularly your Millennials- and play a large role in their productivity and role as an asset on your employee teams.

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