David Alger Has Been Selected as the Contract Employee of the Quarter!

David Alger - Contract Employee of the Quarter

The Sparks Group team is excited to announce that David Alger has been selected as the latest Contract Employee of the Quarter! For over a year, David has been working in an administrative role at a prestigious organization. David was nominated by Lyndsey Dawkins, Staffing Supervisor from the Sparks Group Rockville Office, who said the following:

"David has worked contract placements for several of our preferred clients, David has also been willing to pick up odd jobs in between assignments, such as a warehouse position. He always has a positive attitude, is adaptable, personable, and we receive positive feedback on his performance on a consistent basis. David goes above and beyond, completes detailed work, and never misses a deadline. David started working with us in 2014, so this seems like a reward long overdue for him! Some of the client feedback that we have received from our quality checks included below:

  • “David does a wonderful job and has just the skillset that they need right now. He's been a huge help to her and has been able to take a few things off her plate to free up her time to do other things.” She's very happy with his performance.”
  • "David is very responsive and a great asset to the team, we all rely on him and he is very respectful and professional.”
  • “David is doing a great job. He learns very quickly and is already working on one of our important and much needed projects.”
  • “David is doing a great job. He’s almost completed a very detailed project. We have other projects lined up starting on Monday."

Congratulations David on being selected as the Contract Employee of the Quarter!

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