Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Often hiring managers need to expand their talent base without making additions to their full-time headcount. Through our payroll services solution Sparks Group maintains responsibility for withholding, transmitting, reconciling and record keeping of all payroll-related functions. Cost structures are customized to the needs of each client.

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Benefits of our Payroll Services Solutions

  • Cost Control -  Alleviate costs and legal risks associated with employment (workers’ compensation, unemployment, etc.), while receiving the skills and expertise that the employee brings to an organization.
  • Risk Mitigation  - Alleviate co-employment risk associated with independent contractors (1099 employees), part-time employees and internship programs.
  • Staff for Projects and Contracts - Utilize experts such as former employees, consultants or specialists.
  • Greater Quality HiresIdentify and then evaluate new employees on the job prior to a formal offer of employment.
  • Comply with Corporate Hiring Mandates -  Downsize full-time headcounts, comply with corporate hiring freeze policies, or manage an internal contingent workforce.