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What Can Social Recruiting Do for You?

What Can Social Recruiting Do for You? Insider Observations into the Hottest Trend in HR and Talent Acquisition Organizations today are constantly implementing new strategies to identify, attract, and secure the best and brightest candidates. As the digital age has evolved, social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and their sibling, social review sites…
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From Reactive to Proactive: How to Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

Currently, your company is operating on a reactive hiring strategy, but that probably isn’t working too well. Waiting to start searching for talent until there’s an opening on your roster promises you’ll either be left shorthanded until you’re able to find the perfect fit or forces you to hire a subpar candidate just to fill…
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Is Your Return on Talent Falling Short?

Hiring new employees to join your team is certainly no easy task. In addition to choosing someone who fits into your company culture, you also need to find a candidate with the potential to provide a high return on talent (ROT). Unlike many talent management KPIs — retention rates, time-to-fill, engagement levels — ROT often…
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