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6 Hiring Trends in Accounting and Finance – What Employers Need to Know

Accounting & Finance Hiring Trends | Washington DC Recruiting Services If you want to keep pace with your competitors, you need to constantly amend your hiring criteria to align with the latest industry trends. Keep these six hiring trends in mind when choosing new accounting and finance professionals to join your team. 1) CPA Firm…
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4 Ways to Attract Top IT Talent in 2016 and Beyond

The market for top IT talent is highly competitive. It's essential to be proactive and make yourself attractive to top candidates. What steps can you take in the coming year to beat the competition to the best people? Make your organization a great place to work. And make sure that everyone knows it. Pay competitively,…
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A Look at What Today’s Job Seekers Look Like

What began in 2015 is now the new normal: nearly 60 percent of new jobs in the United States now require skills held by just 20 percent of the population. The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce has predicted that demand for college-educated workers will outpace supply by more than 300,000 annually, as the US produces…
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