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Need to Hire but Confused by Employment Laws? 4 Ways That We Can Help

As a responsible employer, you want to comply with all employment laws, but trying to figure them out on your own can be incredibly confusing — not to mention time-consuming. From adhering to all provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to making sure you’re properly classifying temporary and contract employees, there’s a lot…
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Hiring? 5 Employment Laws Every Employer Should Be Aware Of

There’s a whole lot more to being the boss than simply hiring, firing and assigning work to your staff. As a responsible employer, it’s your job to be cognizant of all applicable employment laws, and ensure that your company adheres to all government standards. Here are 5 Employment Laws you Don’t Want to Violate: 1. Nonexempt…
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How to Avoid Misclassifying 1099 Workers

By now, you’re already aware that running a company isn’t easy. One of the most important ─ yet challenging ─ aspects is keeping the IRS happy. It’s important to determine whether your team members should be classified as W2 or 1099 employees, to ensure you’re paying and withholding the proper taxes. Normally, you’re responsible for…
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