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Need to Hire but Confused by Employment Laws? 4 Ways That We Can Help

As a responsible employer, you want to comply with all employment laws, but trying to figure them out on your own can be incredibly confusing — not to mention time-consuming. From adhering to all provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to making sure you’re properly classifying temporary and contract employees, there’s a lot…
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Think You’ll Be Viewed as A “Job Hopper” to Hiring Managers? Here’s How to Position Yourself

You’ve had more than a few different jobs in a rather short period of time, so you’re well aware you could be labeled a job hopper and considered a risky hire. Now that you’re back on the job market again, you’ll need to get a little crafty to make sure this doesn’t work against you,…
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10 LinkedIn Tricks to Help You Get Discovered by Recruiters in Your Field

As staffing experts, recruiters know exactly what hiring managers are looking for and their expansive networks are filled with contacts that can help you land your dream job. Consequently, having a recruiter on your team can be invaluable, so use these 10 LinkedIn tips to get noticed by recruiting professionals. 1. Complete Your Profile A profile filled with…
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