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6 Technical Skills in High Demand in 2017

If you’re thinking this year is the right time to start the next chapter in your tech career, you’ll need to make sure you’re up-to-date with the skills employers value most right now. Expect the six technical skills below to be highly sought-after in 2017 by IT hiring managers. Programming It was one of the most coveted tech…
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Think You’ll Be Viewed as A “Job Hopper” to Hiring Managers? Here’s How to Position Yourself

You’ve had more than a few different jobs in a rather short period of time, so you’re well aware you could be labeled a job hopper and considered a risky hire. Now that you’re back on the job market again, you’ll need to get a little crafty to make sure this doesn’t work against you,…
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5 Questions to Ask in Your Next IT Job Interview

Don’t leave your next IT job interview without asking these five questions: What software systems or languages do you use? Determine if the company is using software you’re experienced with or if you'll need time to get up to speed. You'll also want to avoid the frustration of dealing with outdated software whenever possible. How…
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