‘Reinventing Performance Management’ Mini-Series #3: Focus on Helping People Use their Strengths – What Would Team Leaders DO with Each Team Member – vs. What they THINK of Them.

In short, it’s not you, it’s them. While this may seem obvious, especially when it comes to issues related to performance management and team-building, it is critical to understand the distinction between what you THINK of an employee - and what you would DO with them. This shift in mindset encourages the focus to rest not on personal interactions or opinions, but on an individual employee’s strengths - to help them put their own best foot forward for you and your organization as a whole.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review, instead found that higher-performing teams were actually comprised of individuals who feel engaged and driven to do their best every day at work, within organizations that appreciate and leverage their individual strengths and talents. So with this in mind, focus on what each team member brings to the organization and leverage this as the engine of your success. Similar to rowers on a crew boat, companies work best when all employees are ‘pulling their weight’ - so playing into an employee’s strengths of character and professional skill will serve you and your organization well over the short and long-terms.

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