Need to Hire but Confused by Employment Laws? 4 Ways That We Can Help

As a responsible employer, you want to comply with all employment laws, but trying to figure them out on your own can be incredibly confusing — not to mention time-consuming. From adhering to all provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to making sure you’re properly classifying temporary and contract employees, there’s a lot of mandates to follow.

Be certain your company obeys all relevant employment laws by teaming up with Sparks Group. We’ll take care of this crucial task for you, so you can stay focused on daily business operations.

1. Let Sparks Group Manage Your Entire Hiring Process

Sparks Group offers many types of employment solutions, including temporary and contract staffing, contract-to-hire, direct hire and executive search. As staffing experts, we’re extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of the hiring process, so allow us to take control of your company’s recruitment needs. We’ll handle all employment laws, so all you have to do is welcome your new employees to the team.

2. Seek Sparks Group's Government Cleared Services

You can never be too careful when hiring security-cleared professionals, but that doesn’t mean you have to navigate all applicable employment laws on your own. Sparks Group is a cleared facility, so our team can help you find cleared professionals to fill your contract and project-based openings. We’re adept at filling openings with a variety of needs, from those with active security clearance requirements to top-secret levels.

3. Choose Sparks Group to Handle Your Payroll Services

Managing payroll for temporary and contract employees can be incredibly confusing, but if you don’t get it right, you could violate an employment law. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of time trying interpret the rules, let Sparks Group handle your payroll needs. We’ll take care of the withholding, transmitting, reconciling and recordkeeping for all payroll functions, effectively eliminating any risk for your company.

4. Take Advantage of Our Resource Management Solutions

If your company requires more assistance than simply finding candidates to fill open positions, Sparks Group offers a variety of services, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), On-Site Recruitment Solutions, Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Organizational Consulting. While helping your organization reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline operational processes, we’ll also make sure you’re compliant with all applicable employment laws.

Partner with Sparks Group to create a hiring strategy that really works. Our team of tenured staffing professionals is committed finding the best and brightest talent in Washington, DC to fill your open positions.

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